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China-Africa cooperation scales new heights

by Munetsi Madakufamba in Johannesburg, South Africa Since the formation of the China Africa Forum 15 years ago, relations between the two sides have continued to scale new heights in the areas of economic, cultural, political and security spheres.

IMF recognizes Chinese currency as global

by Phyllis Johnson The International Monetary Fund has recognized the reality of China’s place in global finance by adding the Chinese currency to its global basket of currencies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Zimbabwe and South Africa

by Phyllis Johnson – SANF 15 no 64 The leader of the world’s largest economy and most populous nation will visit Zimbabwe on 1-2 December before going to South Africa to attend the 2nd Summit of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on 3-5 December.

China-Africa and China-Zimbabwe: Past, Present and Future Part 1

by Phyllis Johnson – SANF 15 no 59 In the latter half of the 20th century, soon after consolidating its own revolution, the People’s Republic of China began to work with African countries on the liberation of those parts of the continent still under colonial rule.