ICASSA was established to coordinate the exchanges, seminars and research activities for China Africa Studies that began in 2007 and focuses on two main objectives.

  • Strengthen academic and strategic linkages including joint research and exchanges; and
  • Strengthen private sector collaboration and opportunities, and address challenges to this sector through practical support.

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  • Held 7 symposia and several seminars on China-Africa relations in southern Africa since 2007;
  • Presented more than 20 papers at seminars and workshops in China since 2010, and several articles;
  • Organised roundtables for major Chinese enterprises including public and private sector; and
  • Established a wide network of researchers and policy makers in Africa and China.

ben-signThe Chinese character used in the ICASSA logo is “ben”, which
means the source or root (of local knowledge), origin and is also
used as a book classification system meaning book or manuscript,
or edition, current, present.